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How To Use The Bitfi Wallet From Beginning To End With Co Founder Daniel Khesin on the CryptoMug Investors Video Podcast.

Bitfi Hardware Wallet Features

Private Keys never permanently stored
The Bitfi does not permanently store your private keys. Ever. Your digital assets are stored on the Blockchains, when you want to make a transaction with your assets (move them, sell them, etc.) you simply enter your 6-character (minimum) SALT and your 30-character (minimum) PASSPHRASE into your Bitfi Legacy device which will then calculate your private key for any given token “on-demand” and then immediately expunge that private key.

Your private keys are never permanently stored on the Bitfi, never left on the Bitfi, and are never sent in a transmission from the Bitfi device to the Blockchain to control your assets.

The process looks like this:
  1. User wants to move/sell their Bitcoin
  2. In the Bitfi wallet interface, users choose SEND and inputs a sending (public key) address in their Bitcoin wallet
  3. A signing request is sent to the Bitfi device
  4. User inputs their SALT and PASSPHRASE into their Bitfi device
  5. The Bitfi device calculates the private key, and sends an “okay” to the blockchain to release Bitcoin to desired (sending to) public address
We can all agree that no matter how secure a hardware wallet is, it is user error that can be the biggest cause of lost or stolen funds. Through an extensive security process, we have cut that anxiety producing risk factor out of the equation. The Bitfi updates itself. You heard us, it updates itself! There is no need to manually download and install firmware or bridges, or delete and add token apps in order to keep your device up to date. All you have to do is turn on the device and make sure it is connected to a Wifi network, the device does the rest!

Not only is this a flawless experience for the user, it is also secure. Our software is sent through discreet nodes the devices are hard coded into, and contain private key signatures that require a multi-verification process for any Bitfi device to connect to and eventually accept. Corrupt or rogue updates/malware do not have the required digital signatures and are quickly rejected by your device.
WiFi enabled
Although the Bitfi was designed to secure your legacy of wealth lifetime after lifetime after lifetime… the Wifi connection makes it incredibly convenient to control your digital assets through a discreet and secure mini computer in your hands.

There is no need to connect your Bitfi wallet to a computer with a cable. Wherever you are, your wallet always works wirelessly over any WiFi network. No more messy wires. But the primary reason Bitfi is designed as a wireless device is to completely isolate the most critical functions from the computer so that there is no possibility of exposure to malware.

Because Wifi networks themselves are not very secure, we designed Bitfi as a calculation tool, not a storage device. The device only transmits approvals (not private keys) to the blockchain for transaction, and the Bitfi wallet interface can be viewed by any IoT device (mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop).
Single-User Interface
The Bitfi ecosystem features a single-user interface that does not require any other third-party plugins or software to be used or installed. All tokens are added automatically by our engineering team and the user can interact with any Crypto Asset the Bitfi secures through the native Bitfi interface.

Other than offering high security and ease of use, managing your money should be efficient and productive. With the Bitfi wallet you can view all of your balances at a glance and quickly switch from one cryptocurrency to another whether for personal or business use. The intuitive interface allows you to interact with all of your assets in a simple and convenient manner, much like when using an ATM machine or when you log into your bank account, everything is clear and easy to navigate.
Unlimited Wallets
Your entire family can secure their crypto investments from a single Bitfi device. Every Wallet you create is controlled and accessed by your own custom 6-character SALT and 30-character PASSPHRASE. Create as many Wallets as you need (just remember to back up all of your SALT/PASSPHRASES for each Wallet created).
Incredibly Fast
Your Bitfi is fast, really fast. As part of our ongoing program to support our users we provide services via our dashboard and bring together the best technical resources without charging any subscription fees. Your wallet dashboard rapidly scans all blockchains to show your balances and is regularly updated so that your experience and interaction with your crypto assets is always, fast, flawless and seamless. Indeed this is the way it should be and ushers in the full promise and potential of the emerging blockchain economy.
Open Source
The most important mission of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets is to place the control over money into the hands of the individual and to end reliance on third parties. Therefore any robust and ultimate wallet must be completely Open Source so that you continue to have control over your funds even if the manufacturer of the wallet no longer exists. No matter what happens to Bitfi or to your Bitfi wallet, your funds are forever safe. You can at any time use your secret phrase to calculate your private keys using the Open Source resources published on which shows simple step by step instructions on how to obtain your private keys and access your crypto assets in the event of any emergency. (We recommend that all users download and retain a copy of these tools).
Unlimited Crypto Asset Support
Unlike ordinary hardware wallets that can only store a limited number of folders (and then you have to delete them and install new ones in order to view other cryptocurrencies), the Bitfi wallet will support all currencies and assets in a single device, under a single secret phrase. As we add support for additional currencies and assets over time, they will all be supported by your device without the need for you to do anything, download anything, or install anything. Just continue to use your original secret phrase to control any new crypto assets that appear in your Dashboard over time.
Device specifications
Device specifications are as follows:

Dimensions: 6.7cm (2.64″ in.) wide x 11.5cm (4.53″ in.) tall x 0.8cm (0.32″ in.) deep

Battery: Will charge fully within 1 hour and last approximately 10 days in standby.

CPU: Quad-Core CPU

WIFI: 2.4G

Display: 3.95″ Touch Screen (narrow viewing angle for enhanced security)

Display manufacturer specs:

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