Our Latest Features and Updates

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DMA3 Firmware Updates

Security Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Memory management – We’ve implemented a new memory management method to provide some additional layers of security during the brief moment when the private key is calculated during signing.
  • New security certificate – We updated our security certificates on the device and made some changes to address a small number of devices that were locking if the user changed wireless networks after an extended period of inactivity.
  • Native libraries – We’ve moved to new native libraries for various currencies and assets!  This was a big move and something that we’ve been planning for a while.  We look forward to extending these to other currencies and assets in future updates.
  • Made a lot of under the hood changes – Be sure to check them out by looking over the source that will be available on bitfi.dev soon.

v1.2.0 Dashboard Feature Updates

The excellence continues with two great new dashboard 1.2.0 functions:

  • Display your wallet balance in Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Set custom fees when sending currencies & assets

v114 Software Updates

Featuring our new Dark Mode UI design!

Enjoy the sleek, new, dark mode UI design with easy to see dashboard icons, a more responsive keyboard, QR code for each receiving address, network verification status, and more!

Have some questions or want to know more about security or development topics related to the device or this release?  Reach out to us at developers@bitfi.com or visit our developer portal at https://bitfi.dev

Think you found a bug?  Let’s squash that thing!  Take a look at our policy here and let us know if you want to report something.  Don’t worry, we offer Safe Harbor in accordance with disclose.io guidelines.  All reports are welcome and greatly appreciated.  You might even earn a bounty!