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DMA3, v 114 software UI Walkthru

Setting up your Bitfi Device

Sign in to your Bitfi Device

Securing funds with Bitfi

Adding New Address to Wallet (adding Dogecoin)

Adding ERC20 Tokens to Bitfi Wallet

Using the Bitfi Recovery Tool

Recovery Tool Demo

Importing Recovery Key

This recovery software is only meant for use true emergencies where you have no access to a Bitfi device or the Bitfi infrastructure is down for an extended period of time. As with anything which involves the calculation and use of your private keys you should take extreme precautions when using this software to calculate your keys. The use of this software bypasses all of the security mechanisms and protections of the Bitfi wallet and systems. Our dedicated security team works tirelessly to harden and protect the Bitfi device and infrastructure so that calculated keys are safe from malicious attacks. These protections will not exist on a system that runs the recovery software. We have compiled some simple and practical recommendations to help you safely recover you keys. Please note that your threat model may differ from others. If you have specific concerns about the use of this tool under certain scenarios please reach out to our security team at, we would be happy to assist you.

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